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As one of our environmental initiatives, we have acquired ISO 14001 certification as an environmental management system.

Date of registration Dec.22.2008
Eligibility JIS Q 14001:2004
ISO 14001:2004
Registration number JSAE 1442
Morimura Chemicals Ltd. Environmental policy
■Basic principle

Morimura Chemicals Ltd. is a member of the Morimura group that spiritualize the words of Morimura Founder Morimura Shihonemon, "This company was established with the lofty ideas of recognizing the brotherhood of mankind, promoting peace in the world, bringing happiness to everyone and practicing justice and humanity. "
We aim to contribute to the preservation of the environment of the region and the earth by making our own initiative and trying to reduce the environmental burden.

■Behavior policy
  • We develop, manufacture and sell pigment dispersions and additives used for inks such as printing ink and copy toner.
    In recognition of the impact on the environment in this business activity, we will strive to continuously improve our environmental management system and prevent pollution at all times and during emergencies.
  • We will comply with all legal requirements and any environmental regulations.
  • We will strive to reduce waste, promote recycling, and save energy.
  • We will strive to develop environmentally friendly products.
  • We will distribute the environmental policy to all employees, publicize it, and make it public.
April 1, 2015
Morimura Chemicals Ltd.

President and Representative Director Koichi Tsunemi

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