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Corporate History

1960 ・MORIMURA Standard Ultramarine and Color Co. established
・Capital: 86.4 million yen


Standard Ultramarine and Color Company 50%

・Shigeki Morimura appointed president
1961 ・Samukawa plant completed
1962 ・Production and Distribution launched
・No.2 Plant building completed
1963 ・Company name changed to MORIMURA SUCO Ltd.
1964 ・Foreign share holder changed to Chemetron Corporation
1967 ・Pre dispersed pigment placing on the market
1970 ・No.3 Plant building completed and vinyl system placing on the market
1971 ・Tsutomu Hoshino appointed president
1973 ・Masatoshi Fukuda appointed president
1974 ・Company name changed to MORIMURA Chemetron Ltd.
・Capital increased to 100 million yen
1976 ・Wax Compound and Master batch for copy toners placing on the market
1979 ・Foreign share holder changed to BASF Japan Ltd.
1980 ・Company name changed to MORIMURA Badische Co., Ltd.
・Head office function relocated in Minato-ku, Tokyo
1992 ・No.1 Plant renovation completed
1993 ・Takashi Iba appointed president
1995 ・Yasushi Kida appointed president
1999 ・MORIMURA BROS., inc. acquired shared of the foreign business partner
・Company name changed to MORIMURA CHEMICALS Ltd.
・Yujiro Matsumoto appointed president
2000 ・Office and R&D building completed
・Head office function relocated to Samukawa.
2005 ・Annex of No.2 plant completed
2007 ・Obtain the certification of ISO:9001:2000
2008 ・Acquired new site(6.600㎡) in Tabata industries area in Samukawa
・Registered head office relocated to Samukawa
2010 ・Marked the 50th anniversary of the company’s founding.
2011 ・Minami Plant began operation
2015 ・Koichi Tsunemi appointed president

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